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Beat the Heat (NT) is an Anti Street Racing strategy. The initiative is designed to encourage young drivers to race their cars at organised 'off street racing' events run by the Hidden Valley Drag Racing Association instead of engaging in the dangerous practice of illegal racing on public streets. This provides a legally sanctioned outlet for young drivers to explore their cars and gain the recognition they are seeking.

The strategy is also designed to break down barriers between authority figures (police) and young drivers through the police involving themselves in what many young drivers 'like to do' and build community alliances through the common interest of motor sport

Teenagers like cars, and although some young adults do not like Police because they see them as adversaries or authority figures, there for the sole purpose of preventing them enjoying themselves, the thought of legally racing against a "cop" is a draw card that is hard to resist. It also enables young drivers to see and understand the other side; the proactive side of police work. Regardless of how a young person might perceive a Police Officer on duty, they most certainly see them in a different light in a race car. Although a police car represents authority, a race car driven by police, whether a streetcar, drag racer or other, will definitely generate interest from all corners of the community and help break down these barriers. This concept has been successful in the USA, Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland. The NT program utilises the theme "Racing for Road Safety".

The program is run entirely by volunteers and relies totally on support from the community, local businesses and service organisations for funding.It receives no funding from the NT Police or NT Government.

Beat the Heat is a registered incorporated "non profit organisation" in the NT and operates under the name Beat the Heat (NT) Inc. Registered as a Harm Reduction Charity by the Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, the Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer and listed on the Register of Harm Prevention Charitable Institutes under SubDivision 30-289B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 making Beat the Heat eligible to receive tax-deductible donations.

This gives confidence to sponsors as it provides transparency of process and makes the activities and records of the association accountable. Funds provided by organisations such as EPAC, assist in funding youth to be able to attend events for the first time and then re attend by offering encouragement incentives for their positive and safe participation in the "off street racing" event.

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