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About Beat the Heat Inc

The original 'BEAT THE HEAT' program was started by Sgt. Don Robertson of the Jacksonville, Florida Sheriff's Department in 1984. In 10 short years the program grew to over 25 cars and the "Drag Cops" participated in over 50 events contacting almost 100,000 young people. By 1995, the program had expanded beyond the borders of the State of Texas with over 35 officers and cars participating representing 30 Police Agencies in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. The 1995 Schedule of Events grew to over 100 different events around the country by the time the year was over.

The Goals of Beat the Heat are to:

  • Educate young drivers about the dangers of involvement with drugs and alcohol while driving.
  • It is an extension of the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program and other youth educational programs.
  • It is designed to create a stronger bond between the community and law enforcement and encourage those who want to race to do so legally, on a track, not on the street.
Beat the Heat US

The program continued to grow and in 1996 over 50 members representing 42 agencies in 8 states were involved. The 1996 'Beat the Heat' schedule included over 150 events with less than 10% of the events being races. The rest were community events and participation in education programs.

In 1997, the program expanded across the USA. The governing body now provides support, guidance and information to other officers who desire to begin programs of their own. In 1999 'Beat the Heat, Inc' associated itself with the National Street Car Association (NSCA) whose principles were closely aligned with the 'Beat the Heat' program. The NSCA provided the venue for street racers to get off the street and onto the track to race their cars.

In 2000 the members of Beat the Heat, Inc. continued to work with many thousands of young people all over the United States and Canada. They went to more schools, did more displays and contacted over 1,304,000 kids.

All funds for their program come from donations from sponsors and individual donors who desire to see the goals of the program met. ALL participants are volunteers and over 98% of all funding goes directly to operate the program.

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