The Heat


Vehicle Specifications

  • LS1 Gen III V8 Motor Lunati 383 Stroker (Power Torque Engines QLD.)
  • Ross Forged Pistons
  • Yella Terra Roller Rockers
  • PSI Dual Valve Springs
  • Chrome Molly Push Rods
  • Custom Cam (Power Torque Engines QLD.)
  • Dart Pro 1 Cylinder Heads
  • ARP Head Studs
  • ARP Main Stup
  • MPC Spec Sump to reduce surge
  • FAST 90mm Throttle Body
  • FAST Manifold & Fuel Rails
  • Bosch 36 Ib/hr Injectors
  • Turbo 400 Automatic Transmission fitted with TCI Trans Brake
  • AllFast 5500rpm Torque Converter (Supplied by AllFast Torque Converters WA.)
  • Trans and Converter Rebuilt and Serviced by (Mick Taylor Automatics NT.)
  • Holley Blue & Bosch 044 Fuel Pump & RCI Fuel Cell
  • Custom Over the Radiator Cold Air Intake
  • Handmade 1 7/8" HM Headers
  • Custom Exhaust
  • Full Spool Differential with 3.90 or 4.11 gears
  • B&M Line Locker
  • HP Tuners, Dyno Tuned by (Power Torque Engines QLD.)
  • Pedders Drag Racing Shock Absorbers
  • Hoosier Quick Time Pro Street Tyres (DOT Approved) (Hoosier Tyres NSW.)
  • 6 Point Welded In Rollcage
TheHeat Side
TheHeat Burnout 'The Heat' is a 2003 VY SS Commodore Sedan that was donated to the NT Police 'Beat the Heat (NT)' program by Holden Ltd in October 2003. The car has been slightly modified for 'drag racing' and 'badged up' in NT Police livery to resemble an operational police car. The original motor was provided by Holden Motor Sport and was one of the first T1 series Monaro motors specially built for Peter Brocks 05 Targa Monaro. TheHeat has been developed for street racing on the track and as such will remain in street trim and continue to look as stock as possible.

In 2006 the motor was refreshed and upgraded to give greater reliability and better performance. Whilst the team will continue to gradually improve the performance in the car,

In 2011 the motor was completely rebuilt and dyno tuned by Power Torque Engines after sustaining some damage.

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