The Heat

Opportunities for Supporters

A Police Drag Car in the Northern Territory will generate a tremendous amount of public interest as it has in other states. The car therefore becomes a very valuable public relations and marketing tool.

Opportunities will exist for The Heat to be used at public displays to promote safe driving messages, education programs in schools, recruiting drives, public events (V8 Supercars) and promotional events. Not only does this create an opportunity for supporters to advertise their products via The Heat, it performs a valuable community service by acting as a draw card to young drivers to lure them off the street and encouraging them participate in organised street racing events where they can enjoy their cars in a safe, legal environment.

Due to the interest that will be generated through police involvement in such a scheme, opportunities will exist for members of the team to actively promote, use and demonstrate supporters products to a specific target audience through the wide range of fans attending the meetings or displays.

Large banners displaying supporters names and products associated with the vehicle will be displayed in the pit area and sandwich boards advertising supporters equipment used on the vehicle as well as build details and technical specifications can be displayed near the vehicle.

The vehicle will be trailered to all events and the vehicle trailer will be designed to not only showcase the vehicle but also prominently display supporters details.

Opportunities will exist to take the vehicle to other regions around the Northern Territory and interstate as it has already attracted a significant amount of national and international exposure.

The Heat will also be made available for static display outside the business premises of major supporters for promotional purposes. This gives all supporters expanded exposure to a large cross section of the community.

If you would like to support Beat the Heat (NT) please contact us for further information.


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