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Beat the Heat will be at power cruise in Darwin
Posted on 07-05-2013
Beat the Heat will be at power cruise in Darwin.
hope to see all

Stay safe, Stay legal, Stay on track!

Hidden Valley Ford Beat The Heat - 22/6/2012
Posted on 23-07-2012

Beat The Heat was back at the Valley for the Hidden Valley Ford supported Round 3 event for 2012.


Competitor numbers saw a mixture of Imports & Muscle Cars for the four wheelers  and Jap bikes V rest of the world in the battle of the two wheeled brigade.


After some testing for the upcoming NT Tiles from the Big Boys,  the crowd settled down for the Hoggies Mini Eliminator.


The Car Final saw Claude Petrilli in a 1981 XD Falcon run an 11.766 @ 120 MPH  on an 11.70 second dial in    TAKE DOWN THE HEAT who broke out.


The two wheeled brigade saw Tauri Minogue making his first appearance due to work commitment take out our two time winner Josh Shuit in the semis.  


Tauri on his Suzuki GSXR1000  with an ET of 10.859 @ 135 MPH on an  10.8 dial in toook out Alex Blakck on his 929cc Honda Fire Blade with an 11.063 @ 126 MPH on and 11 flat dial in.


All four take home prize  packs from Hoggies.


 NT Pest & Weed Control Summons for the next meeting on Friday 27th July being the Hoggies John Sorensen Memorial have been  awarded to:   Claude Petrili,     Tauri  Minogue,    Wayne Griffin,    Alex Black,    Nick Mellios      &   Harley Gray.


Until then,   STAY SAFE  , STAY   LEGAL   & most importantly   STAY ON TRACK

SCF Constructions Beat The Heat - 11/5/2012
Posted on 23-07-2012

Beat The Heat was back at the Valley for the SCF Constructions Supplies Round 2 meeting for 2012.

Modest number were on hand in the steamy conditions ready to tackle the track.   After much tyre screaming & smoke billowing, the fiercely competitive Hoggies Mini Eliminator got under way.

The four wheel final saw the battle of the old stagers, Bob Czerniawski in a commodore take on Chris Surin in his Torana.  Bob took out the win with a 13.41 on a 13.34 dial in @ 102 MPH while Chris did 11.34 on an 11.1 dial in @ 123 MPH.

Two wheel competition say Madeleine Joy-Warde dust herself off from Meeting Ones clash with the track to record a win on her first dial in race, and being the competitor who went closest to her dial in earning her a bye run in Round 2.

If we can try and tie this in at 1 min 12 sec in I think is where you have footage of Maddy.

The bike final saw the master, Josh Schuit take on the apprentice Madeleine.  Josh was handed his 2nd consecutive victory for the year after Madeleine CHERRIED for a meagre 22 one thousandths of a second.

Josh kindly donated his prize money winnings to Camp Quality.

All four finalists also take home prize packs from Hoggies.

NT Pest & Weed Control Summons’ to attend the next meeting supported by Hidden Valley Ford on the 22nd June were awarded to Josh Schuit, Madeleine Joy-Warde, Dan Schey, Bob Czerniawski, Shaun McMahon-Saunders, & Mat Findlay.

Until then  Stay Safe,   Stay Legal    and Stay on Track.

SCF Constructions Beat The Heat - 13/4/2012
Posted on 10-05-2012

Beat The Heat is back for 2012. The smell of burning rubber & fuel fumes, sounds of revving engines returned to the Valley for the first time in 2012.


A generous crowd was on hand to witness Tony Gray in the Autobarn Ute take out the perfect reaction time fo a 0.000 light which few people achieve in their careers.


Racing on track was fierce with a mix of regular & NEW competitors including several girls coming out for the first time.

In the Hoggies Mini Eliminator, Bike competition saw regular Josh Schuit with a 13.07 (on a 12.75 dial in) @ 100MP take out Dean Forrest with an 11.89 (on a 11.4 dial in) @ 129 MPH.

The cars saw first time competitor Ellen Musk (yes another girl) in a Toyota Supra do a 13.74 pass (on a 13.6 dial) at 106 MPH defeat Alvaro DeCastro who unfortunately CHERRIED by 0.12 secs.


The four take home prize packs from Hoggies.


Summons to attend the next Beat The Heat Meeting on Friday 11th May were awarded to:

Josh Schuit Bike

Carlee Hanrahan Bike

Megan Moore Bike

Ellen Musk Car

Trent Lovett Car

Bluey Inkley Car



Beat The Heat NT on Facebook
Posted on 01-11-2011
We now have a Facebook page.

Beat The Heat Darwin You Tube Channel Updated
Posted on 29-10-2011

The You Tube Beat the Heat Darwin channel has been updated with all of the shows.



McMahon Grand Reopening of the Hidden Valley Drag Strip
Posted on 02-06-2011

Beat The Heat was invited to attend the McMahon Grand Reopening of the Hidden Valley Drag Strip on the weekend of 13th & 14th May 2011.


THE HEAT whose freshened up engine from Power Torque in Brisbane only arrived back into Darwin on the Tuesday prior was hastily

reinstalled thanks to hard work from the crew. Thanks also need to go to the Shewring family, who travelled up from Tennant Creek for

the meeting.

Friday evening came, and off to the track the team travelled, not knowing how THE HEAT would perform. First run straight out the box

 the car ran 11.11 seconds, pleasing everyone. Overall the car performed well above the crew’s expectations for the weekend.

STR HEAT, with new rear Hoosier rubber also performed admirably, taking nearly a second off its previous best time. Fastest time

for the weekend being 14.1 seconds.


Beat the Heat NT Off Street Calendar 2011
Posted on 05-05-2011
Beat the Heat NT Off Street Calendar 2011

Friday 22/04/2011

Friday 29/04/2011  Hidden Valley Ford
Off Street

Friday 24/06/2011  SCF Constructions Off Street

Friday 15/07/2011 John Sorensen Memorial / Hogs Breath Off Street

Friday 05/08/2011

Friday 30/09/2011

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