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BTH#4 14/7/2011 - Hogs Breath Cafe John Sorensen Memorial
Posted on 19-07-2011

Results for the Hogs Breath John Sorensen Memorial Friday 15th July were:


Winner Bob Czerniawski 

Runner Up Brett Francis

Bob won in his Commodore eventhough he broke out with an ET of 13.512 on a 13.55 dial in defeated Brett in THE HEAT who red lit knowing he had to go close to a perfect reaction time to give him every possible chance to defeat Bob.

Bob's win backed up his win in last year's John Sorensen Memorial, and also the inaugural one in 2008, making it 3 wins in 4 attempts.


Winner Tauri Minogue

Runner Up Josh Schuit

Tauri defeated Josh with an ET of 10.751 @ 137.51 MPH on a 10.70 dial in.  Tauri's win backed up his runner up position the previous meeting.

Summons for next meeting to be held Friday 5th August were issued to:

Stewart Campbell

Tauri Minogue

Paul Schwager

Bob Czerniawski

Hamish Malone

BTH#3 24/6/2011 - Supported by SCF Constructions (NT)
Posted on 27-06-2011

Results for the Hogs Breath Mini Eliminator Friday 24th June were:


Winner Shane Munt ET 11.644 on dial in 11.50 @ 115.25 MPH

Runner Up Dale Mulej  ET 12.868 on dial in 13.40 @ 114.64 MPH

Shane won courtesy of Dale breaking out


Winner Robbie Standaloft ET 11.524 on dial in 11.49 @ 118.45 MPH

Runner Up Tauri Minogue ET 10.712 on dial in 10.70 @ 136.98 MPH

Robbie won on a hole shot RT 0.109 to Tauri's 0.317

Summons for next meeting being the Hogs Breath Cafe / John Sorensen Memorial on 15th July were issued to:

Chris Parris
Geoff Hawkins
Dale Mulej
Tauri Minogue
Shane Munt
Robbie Standaloft

BTH#2 29/4/2011 - Supported by Hidden Valley Ford
Posted on 05-05-2011
Results for the Hogs Breath Mini Eliminator Friday 29th April were:

Cars Winner       Chris Surin

Bike Winner       Josh Schuit

Chris did a 11.789 sec pass on an 11.60 sec dial  in at 105MPH, beating Bill O’Brien who did a 14.711 pass on a 14.5 sec dial in at 97MPH.
It was also Bill’s first time participating at the Beat The Heat off street meeting.

Josh did a 13.946 pass on a 12.50 sec dial in at 99MPH, beating Cameron Lawrie who did a 14.172 pass on a 11.10 sec dial in at 119MPH.

Summons to compete at the next off street meeting to be held on 24th June were issued to:

Josh Schuit
Chris Surin
Bill O’Brien
Manual Maddalozzo
Mick Wilkinson
Dale Smith

BTH#1 22/4/2011
Posted on 05-05-2011
Results for the Hogs Breath Mini Eliminator Friday 22nd April were:

Cars Winner       Freddy Soo Hoo

Bike  Winner      Mike Lockhart

Freddy beat Troy Cameron, with a time of 13.374 seconds @ 108.30 MPH on a 13.30 second dial
Troy unfortunately broke out with a 13.737 on a 14 second dial in.

Mike beat Brandt McGlade in the bike final,

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