The Heat

Street Racing

Almost every night, young drivers around the country enter into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with local law enforcement officials as they try to seek out locations to engage in illegal street racing events. It happens in virtually every major city around the world. While their parents sleep, young men and women sometimes in their own cars, sometimes in the family car, sometimes by merely spectating, are prepared to risk life and limb in the pursuit of 'fun',. Yet despite the accidents, arrests, fines and the danger and risks associated with Illegal Street racing, this activity has been going on for over 50 years.

Many wonder what the attraction is. Quite simply, it is because we live in a car culture. The car has for the past 50 years represented freedom to young men and women and independence from one's parents. As time has passed however, automobiles have become a symbol of expression and even 'responsible' adults find themselves buying cars to make a statement of some kind. The difference these days is young people have greater access to high performance cars, performance parts to customise these cars and a higher disposable income. If you couple this together with the natural competitive streak most young adults possess and a desire to increase social standing among their peers, you begin to understand some of the basic drivers behind street racing.

The catalyst is adrenaline but like oil and water, petrol, adrenaline and testosterone dont mix. Every young person enjoys a rush, some find it through illegal substances, others find it in gasoline.

The combination of compact, affordable high performance cars producing enormous amounts of horsepower, adrenaline and young people wishing to make a statement can be a dangerous mix in the wrong place.

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