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About Beat the Heat (NT)

In August 2002 the Hidden Valley Drag Racing Association trialed the concept of organised 'street drags' and held 3 'unprogrammed' events that received a significant amount of public support. The 'street meets' proved so successful that the Club scheduled 10 programmed events in 2003. The first event was held on the 28th February and attracted over 700 adults (children were not charged for admission) and exceeded the clubs expectations. The 'street meet' program has become a tremendous community safety and public relations opportunity for both the Police and Hidden Valley Drag Racing Association. This partnership now uses these opportunities to support their mutual aims and encourage young drivers to only race on the track and to educate the general public about the adrenaline charged sport of drag racing.

The Beat the Heat (NT) program is aimed at reducing and controlling the growing incidence of illegal street racing and anti social driving behaviour in the community by providing incentives and support of sanctioned and legal outlets for drivers to explore their cars rather than engaging in these dangerous activities on public streets. This is done through the involvement of Police (as participants) at organised 'off street racing' events run by the Hidden Valley Drag Racing Association at Darwin's Hidden Valley Drag Strip.

The program gives young drivers the opportunity to race against a vehicle that is badged up to look like an operational police car and is driven by off duty police officers. It is designed to build alliances between young drivers and the Police by using the common interest of motor sport to provide opportunities to educate young drivers and bring about changes in attitudes that will encourage responsible driver behaviour and acceptance of the road rules in the community.

Beat the Heat NT
The program encourages drivers to participate in properly organised, legal 'street meets', on the track where they can explore and test out their cars safely. They are invited to match their everyday 'street registered' vehicles against a police competitor in a non-threatening environment where friendly rivalry and healthy competition can be utilised to educate and promote safe and responsible driving practices.

These events are hosted on the last Friday of every month by the Hidden Valley Drag Racing Association. The style of racing is often referred to as 'heads up or grudge' style drag racing. Cars must be registered or 'street registrable' and proper attire worn by all participants (Helmet, Long Sleeve Shirt, Long Pants and closed in shoes) All events comply with Australian National Drag Racing Association rules and regulations.

'The Heat' made its first appearance at a 'Street Meet' on the 26th November 2003 where it ran a respectable 14.6 seconds. The event was attended by over 80 street racers including Mr Bluey Pearl from PRE Dyno Tuning who travelled from Mackay, Qld to support the event. Over 1200 spectators attended the meeting.

This is a long term project. Road Safety is a community problem that requires community solutions. 'Beat the Heat (NT)' is run by police officers in their own time and does not impact on operational duties. 'The Heat' is also used in a public relations capacity to promote sponsors involvement in the project, road safety, police recruiting, shopping centre displays, charity events and shows.

The Beat the Heat program is linked to the NT Police Road Safety & Crime Reduction Strategies. It is fully sponsored by local businesses and service organisations and incurs no costs to the NT Police Force and no insurable risk to the NT Govt.

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